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We Offer Invisalign At Zen Smiles Miami.

Traditional braces can be cumbersome and embarrassing to wear as an adult — you have brackets and wires that catch everything — and the daily maintenance takes a lot of time and effort.

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional braces, explore Invisalign. Invisalign incorporates a customized top and bottom tray that addresses your bite and alignment — invisibly! With Invisalign you’re able to enjoy all the foods you would normally eat, without worrying about food getting stuck and wedged in them or the hassle of breaking any brackets or wires.

This modern and innovative approach to straightening teeth is achieved through and made possible by 3D printing and composed of SmartTrack plastic that offers comfort, a more precise fit, and easy maneuverability. Combine these features and you can see why Invisalign is still the preferred choice.        

When you choose Invisalign you have the freedom to live your life.

  • Eat all of your favorite foods that are often outlawed with traditional braces.
  • Enjoy the sports and activities you play without worry of injury from traditional braces.
  • Break free from emergency trips to the dentist to get brackets and wires repaired.
  • Wear Invisalign braces without anyone noticing.

Invisalign is extremely convenient.

  • Be ready for a night out to having brunch at your favorite spot — with Invisalign all you have to do is remove your trays to eat and drink, do a quick clean, and pop them back in!
  • For the absolute best smile, it is recommended that you wear Invisalign for 20 to 22 hours a day.

Invisalign goes with the flow.

  • As your teeth change, so will your Invisalign trays. Generally, you’ll wear a pair for two weeks and then get a new set.
  • When you get a new pair, they may feel a bit snug, but that’s only because they’re working on straightening your teeth — it’s perfectly normal!

For more information about Invisalign at Zen Smiles Miami, contact our office today!